Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Exquisite Corpse 2

the blue bottle throttling an evil kayak
a longing gat molested the luxurious blue beer
the schlepy fart stung the ambidextrous ankle
[BEN (hearts) COCK]
a philanthropic spider mounts a greasy car
the severe chorizo vindicates a scabies-infested cat
a scrupulous slab of meat ramming a pink car!
a Chantilly bus fucks the red gordito
the little black heliotrope tortures the outstanding dog
the phosphorescent tug boat failed the tiny stirrup
the green house flies the happy bong rip
the careful racecar animates the saturated breasts
a happy poodle swiveling a blue collage

the loud sty slams the spermy water buffalo
a Germanic cock jumps a blue low-rider
a commie fantasy land jacked the smothering triceratops?
an enormous pow-wow cutting a pleasant giraffe
an illegal explorer howled a scandalous seal
the fatass power shovel hulas the courteous Nancy Pelosi
a silly tape spitting a wonderful pork chop
a cock-car evisorates a gold magazine
a choppy pillow case explodes the pungent ostrich
a furry penis mystifies an otherwise dickish polar bear
the droopy Julia child skidded the Delphic chain mail
a juicy handrail rhymed the elastic raincloud
a blurry scissors penetrates the punk beer

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