Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Exquisite Corpse


A tasty wall sings a blue automobile
A slimy wombat ran the delightful stoplight
Thy naked cat transubstantiates a mass heart
The happy space shuttle explodes the rambunctious poom
An orange blossom opened an elaborate chandelier
The chunky marsupial wonders a stoned ocean
A scary boat bit a sunny suit
A blue stone ran the maniacal cat
The nihilistic table ran the little person lawyer
The cold giraffe rusted the nosy bottle
An atrocious vagina sneezed the red pituitary
the blonde potato flies an anteater Paris


The wet penis grieved the bad pacific ocean
An obnoxious map sat the sick blow-torch
The dutiful doctor ball retreats the slimy toad
A weird air force water-skis the long brick
An advancing cheerleader danced a fervent sky-car
A bubbly conductor burns an ugly coffee pot
The scrumptious brick fucked the purple pimp
the green pulsar shot the vibrant baby
an enigmatic motor cycle lives a swollen platypus
a stormy cheese ball swung the crusty pen
A rabid cat popped a big cornflake headdress
a red Tommy knocker sagged the only conglomerations
a stout cat mobilizes the donkey-lungs chair

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