Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 3, 2008 (Sat)


Conman said...

first of all, what are you wearing in your user pic? ya damn hippie!

second, specimen A doesn't look like a tourist; what the hell is the obscure product reference; and what celebs?

Kelci said...

specimen b and c are "coming soon" as they say.

blogs are, after all, a work in progress

p.s. it's called a lei. use one sometime

Lauren said...

dude. totally creepy and i love it. two thumbs up. The guy carrying the baby looks like he is hoisting a football. that is a baby right?

Kelci said...

it's a baby football!

i think he knew i was taking pictures of his newborn (btw who brings a newborn to an effin' park?!) because he turned around after that one. it was the best shot i got

my dad said holding me like a football when i was a baby would finally put me to sleep